Electrical Services

Energy-efficient technology continues to evolve within lighting, solar and electrical, and it takes a true expert to understand how different components in these systems work together. ECW helps clients get all of their electrical needs met with a single trusted contractor.

ECW’s certified Master Electricians take a hands-on approach to install and maintain all of your electrical services and design every moving part for efficiency and longevity. Our team ensures that your system is both compliant and safe.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Work

ECW electrical services are available for both residential and commercial clients, with each segment presenting unique opportunities within our offerings. Our Site Foremen are certified in both commercial and residential power and can work comfortably with 120v and 240v electricity. Whether you are building a new home or assessing an old building for code guidelines, ECW can help with all your electrical needs.

Electrical Services & Offerings


  • Electric Panel Installation & Upgrades
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Breaker Panel Upgrade
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Safety Checks
  • Code Compliance
  • Maintenance Advice
  • Lighting Controls
  • Security Systems
  • Surge Protection
  • USB Outlets
  • Outlets
  • Light Fixtures
  • New Construction Wiring (Residential)


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Electrical Services

Electrical Panel Installation & Upgrades

The electric panel is the heart of any electric service. Whether referred to as a breaker box, service panel, or electrical panel, our comprehensive upgrade solutions ensure the safe and efficient distribution of power throughout your home. As our demand for electricity increases, so too does the need for electrical panels capable of handling this additional power. ECW Lighting’s certified electricians will evaluate the safety and capacity of your electric panel, and upgrade your panel to ensure your home or business can meet these additional demands. The two main factors to consider when deciding to upgrade your existing electrical panel are whether the panel no longer keeps up with your electrical needs or if the electrical panel is no longer safe and could cause electrical shock or fire. ECW Lighting is here to walk you through your options and choose the safest route to ensure proper capacity and function of your panel.

  • • Full Electrical Panel Replacement: As homes age and electrical demands increase, outdated or inadequate electrical panels can pose safety risks and limit functionality. A full panel replacement provides a long-term solution by upgrading the capacity and safety features of your home’s electrical system. Our licensed electricians handle the entire process, ensuring code compliance and reliable performance.
  • • Subpanel Installation: Subpanel installations offer dedicated circuits for demanding areas, like garages or workshops, reducing strain on your main panel and improving overall electrical capacity. Upgrading existing subpanels can also provide increased amperage and specialized breaker options to safely power high-draw appliances or items such as a hot tub. Our qualified electricians can assess your needs and design the perfect subpanel solution for your home.
  • • Breaker Box Upgrades: From outdated fuse boxes to overloaded circuits, various signs call for a breaker box upgrade. This process involves careful planning, expert selection of the right panel, and meticulous rewiring to optimize your electrical system for safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. Our team can guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and reliable upgrade.

ECW Lighting

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly prevalent, ensuring convenient and efficient charging at home is crucial. We’re here to ensure that you’re well-equipped to keep your electric vehicle charged and ready for the road. ECW Lighting offers comprehensive EV charger installation services, guiding you from charger selection to seamless integration into your existing electrical infrastructure. 

Our certified Master Electricians will take a proactive approach to installing your EV charger by assessing your driving habits, electrical capacity and desired charging speed to recommend the appropriate level of charger. Our team ensures that your EV charging system is both compliant and safe and we thoroughly test the system after installation.

With ECW Lighting, you can rest assured knowing your electric vehicle will always be charged and ready for the journey ahead.

  • • Level 1 Chargers: Level 1 EV chargers offer a convenient and budget-friendly home charging option. Utilizing your existing 120V outlet, these chargers deliver slower but steady power for those with occasional driving needs or overnight recharges. (2-5 miles range/hour)
  • Installing a Level 1 EV charger is straightforward, often requiring minimal upgrades from our team. We may simply verify your outlet’s functionality and provide guidance on optimal placement. While you can self-install a Level 1 charger, should you prefer complete peace of mind, our electricians can expertly handle the entire process, ensuring a safe and reliable charger setup.
  • • Level 2 Chargers: Level 2 EV chargers offer significantly faster charging making them ideal for extensive daily driving or those seeking a quicker recharge. Using a dedicated 240V power source, these chargers deliver 10-25 miles of range/hour, ensuring your EV is always ready for the road.
  • Level 2 chargers do require professional installation, but are the preferred option for those who need a quicker charge at home or at the workplace. Installation typically involves our certified Master Electricians assessing your current electrical system and making the necessary electrical upgrades to reliability and efficiently install your EV charging station. Our team will work with you to select the best options based on your vehicle and our comprehensive assessment, all while maintaining strict compliance to local codes and safety protocols.

Trust ECW Lighting as your local Wisconsin partner for all of your electric vehicle needs!



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© 2024 Energy Consultants of Wisconsin, all rights reserved | Privacy Policy