ECW Outdoor Lighting

Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC provides a variety of outdoor lighting options for our clients. For outdoor projects, we focus on exterior building lights and parking lot lights for commercial properties and multi-family residences. Moreover, we have the breadth of experience to handle more challenging outdoor jobs, including running underground wiring. As seen with other facets of ECW service offerings, our outdoor lighting clients also enjoy financial incentives provided by Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.


The outdoor climate in Wisconsin presents many challenges with installing and maintaining electrical equipment - especially lighting. With decades of experience in dealing with such environmental challenges, ECW provides our clients with practical solutions for outdoor lighting needs. Even more, we are available to install, maintain, and troubleshoot these systems throughout the year.


ECW offers a warranty / lighting maintenance program to ensure the performance of our outdoor lighting installations. As such, we will make sure that your lights are working consistently through all Wisconsin weather conditions.  


If you are a property owner or manager curious about the financial savings of our energy-efficient lighting, please let us know. The ECW team would be happy to pay your property a visit for an outdoor site inspection and free lighting analysis.

Lighting Retrofits, Conversions, & New Installs 

ECW has a variety of service offerings for our outdoor lighting clients. To this end, we provide lighting conversions, retrofits, as well as new installations. In like fashion, our lighting technology can withstand the extreme outdoor conditions in Wisconsin, in both commercial and residential capacities.  


For outdoor clients, a primary focus of ours is the conversion of older lighting into new LED technology. These projects often involve lights mounted on the outside of buildings, as well as overhead lighting in parking lots. The ECW team has the equipment and knowledge to handle these difficult jobs.


ECW also enjoys working on new outdoor lighting installs for our outdoor customers. Some notable new install projects of ours include car dealerships and apartment buildings around the Milwaukee, WI area.

Security Lighting  

ECW outdoor lighting also makes a great addition to any security system. By properly illuminating an outdoor area, our lights allow security cameras to clearly record images. Similarly, brightly lit areas discourage people from illegally entering a property. In the end, these systems help prevent criminal activities at a residence or business.



If you would like to learn more about ECW outdoor lighting services, please contact us at