ECW Lighting Services

Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC is an industry leader in energy-efficient lighting products. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are one of Wisconsin’s foremost authorities on lighting technology. Of our diverse service offerings, LED light conversions have proven the most impactful for our clients - both financially and environmentally. ECW customers have utilized our expertise for work in a wide spectrum of commercial buildings, including both private and public sectors. Finally, the costs of many ECW lighting services are supplemented by Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.


ECW provides a free lighting analysis for prospective clients. As such, if you are curious about our lighting services, we can explain the details and costs of a project before you put any money down. The ECW assessment explains important topics such as energy savings, financial incentives, project compensation, as well as a detailed report comparing current lights to new ECW technology. If you still use outdated lights - such as fluorescents, metal halides, or incandescent bulbs - you likely need a lighting assessment.


ECW only uses top-of-the-line lighting technology for our installs and conversions, these brands include Nuvo, Eico, Sylvania, Westinghouse, Hyperikon, and Venture Lighting. Finally, we back each of our installations with a warranty package / lighting maintenance program. 

Commercial & Residential Lighting Services

ECW offers an array of lighting services for both commercial and residential clients. For commercial property owners, ECW can advise on both interior and outdoor lighting in helping you understand the best options.


Our residential clients generally own or manage multi-family buildings like apartments. The ECW team is happy to give these clients the info they need to develop energy-efficient lighting plans. 

Focus on Energy Rebate Program 

Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC is a proud member of the Focus on Energy Trade Ally program. Importantly, Focus on Energy helps our customers supplement project costs with financial incentives. Focus on Energy offers this amazing deal for ECW clients because our lighting saves the State from using enormous amounts of electricity each year. In like fashion, our lighting technology greatly reduces the environmental footprint of large buildings such as schools, apartments, and factories.


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