ECW LED Lighting

Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC is consistently on the cutting-edge of technological advancements in the lighting industry. Therefore, during the 30 years that we have been in business, our lighting systems have evolved with the technology of the times. Today, LED lighting technology is at the forefront of our services - we offer these lights in conversions as well as new installations. Finally, ECW provides a variety of LED lights for both commercial and residential applications, as well as interior and outdoor lighting needs.


Due to LED technology, ECW customers enjoy immense energy savings each year. This conservation of electricity directly translates into financial savings and environmental protection. For starters, studies have shown that LED lights use 40% less electricity than fluorescent lighting. Therefore, the power saved through LED technology lessens the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere generated by burning fossil fuels. Finally, ECW clients pay far less money on their monthly electrical bills.

What is LED Lighting?

The term “LED” is an abbreviation for the phrase “light-emitting diode.” While LED technology has been around for some time, only recently has it been advanced to the point of commercial and residential use. Prior to the late 2000s, LED lights only emitted a weak, red spectrum and were only used in specialty items like electrical switchboards. However, recent improvements in “high output” LED technology have now made the lights robust enough to work anywhere that artificial lighting is needed.


LED technology has grown popular for several reasons. These include:

  • Low electrical usage
  • Extended product life
  • Reduced size
  • Increased durability

As LED lighting has grown in popularity, the technology is applied across many diverse industries. These include:

  • Medical equipment
  • Camera technology
  • Traffic signs
  • Billboards / Advertising
  • Headlamps / Flashlights
  • Airplane technology
  • Automotive parts

Because of its operational efficiencies and diverse applications, LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry. ECW is proud to embrace this new technology due to its financial and environmental benefits. In like fashion, government subsidy programs like Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy also promote the implementation of LED lights. For ECW, this promotion is backed by financial incentives and rebates for customers.

ECW Lighting Capabilities

Since LED lighting technology has grown to maturation, ECW has utilized these lights in a variety of capacities. To this end, we offer LED lights in both conversions and new installs. Similarly, ECW has installed LED lighting in a variety of capacities, ranging from overhead lighting in parking lots to display cases in retail stores.


If you are curious how LED technology can benefit your business or community, please contact the ECW team. We would be glad to explain the perks of this technology in more detail, as well as provide you with a free lighting assessment.



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