ECW Interior Lighting

Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC provides a variety of interior lighting options for our clients. For commercial clients, we supply an array of lighting options for diverse businesses ranging from retail stores to factories. Looking at our residential clientele, we work with apartment buildings and condominiums to install energy-efficient lighting. Finally, all ECW lighting customers enjoy the financial incentives set forth with the Focus on Energy rebate program.


ECW is proud to offer the most cutting-edge and energy-efficient lighting on the market today. To this end, the vast majority of our interior lighting clients utilize LED technology for their needs. Because, LED lights use far less electricity and last much longer than traditional lights like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.


If you are a property owner or manager that is curious about potential energy savings with our lighting, the ECW team would be happy to pay you a visit. ECW can provide you a free lighting analysis without interrupting the day-to-day activities of your property.

Interior Lighting Retrofits & Conversions

A majority of ECW’s interior lighting work involves converting and retrofitting old fixtures to modern, energy-efficient technology. To this end, our LED conversions are proving extremely popular for both residential and commercial applications. Also, we offer fluorescent lighting retrofits for those customers interested in this technology.


For commercial buildings, ECW lighting clients include government buildings, retail stores, office spaces, manufacturing centers, and factories. As such, over the past 30 years, we have installed interior lighting in plethora of environments. For example, we can advise factory owners on proper lighting for high-temperature environments. The same knowledge base extends into advising retail store owners on attractive fixtures for overhead lighting and display cases.


ECW clients with multi-family residences such as apartment buildings look to us for guidance with lighting. To this end, we work with building owners to design overhead lighting that is both attractive and functional. Throughout Wisconsin, building managers as well as residences enjoy the residential lighting work accomplished by ECW.


All ECW interior lighting jobs are backed with our warranty / lighting maintenance program. Therefore, if issues arise with your lighting systems, we can help you avoid the troublesome chores and labor expenses involved with lighting upkeep.


If you would like to learn more about ECW interior lighting services, please contact us at