Financial Incentives for ECW Solar Panels 

As leaders in renewable energy, Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC are experts on the financial perks that come with solar panels. Due to the immense financial and environmental benefits of solar energy, the technology has garnered the attention of several government agencies. As such, Wisconsin and the federal government offer financial incentives to promote solar energy. ECW directs each of our clients on the best way to take advantage of these financial benefits.

Federal Incentives for Renewable Energy

As the U.S. government continues to encourage the use of renewable energy sources, they have a vested interest in promoting solar technology. Therefore, the U.S. government offers tax breaks for those citizens who utilize solar energy. Currently, ECW clients can write-off 26% of solar panel installation project costs. Even more, our solar customers can roll these tax breaks over into later years if it's more financially beneficial.

Solar Panels & We Energies

All ECW solar panels are integrated with the larger We Energies power grid. As such, ECW matches our solar panel installations with the power demands of your home or business. In doing so, ECW ensures that your building draws energy almost exclusively off the energy provided by the solar panels. However, if you produce more electricity than you need, We Energies will purchase the extra power from you at a low rate. Finally, the energy exchanged between your building and the We Energies grid is carefully tracked with a specialized metering system.

Focus on Energy & ECW 

As seen with most ECW service offerings, our solar energy platform is also incentivized by Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Program. To illustrate, after your solar array is installed, we will help you file the paperwork for a rebate, which will help offset your initial project cost. ECW and Focus on Energy have been vital in promoting this renewable energy resource throughout Wisconsin.

ECW Commercial & Residential Solar Panels

ECW serves both commercial and residential clients in our solar energy program. Moreover, regardless if it’s an office building or private residence, we work with our clients on systems training, site permitting, and overall maintenance. In like fashion, ECW will make sure that your property maximizes the financial perks that come with solar energy usage. Please let us know how we can help!



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