ECW New Construction Wiring 

Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC provides new construction wiring as part of our electrical services for residential customers. To this end, our goal is to help construction businesses and homeowners through the delicate process of setting up electricity in a new house. For residential customers, this same electrical service applies to new additions and remodels.


Building a home is an exciting, yet challenging task. As such, it’s best to leave complicated electrical work to experienced professionals like ECW. By utilizing our electrical specialists, builders and homeowners ensure that all electrical components operate safely and efficiently. Therefore, we help guarantee the safety of the families who live inside these homes.


During the building process, ECW often installs wiring after a new home is framed. However, if your schedule demands a different approach to new construction wiring, please let us know. In the end, the ECW team will ensure that you have a top-of-the-line electrical system to compliment your new project. Finally, we also help clients with electrical permitting and code inspections.


ECW new construction wiring projects include, but aren’t limited to:

Cables, Romex, & Conduit
Outlets (120v & 240v)
Light Switches & Fixtures
Ceiling Fans
CO2 & Smoke Detectors
Electrical Panels & Breakers
Furnaces & Air Conditioning
Garage Doors
Surge Protectors
Outdoor Lights & Outlets
Hot Tubs & Saunas

Due to the fact that certified Master Electricians oversee all ECW jobs, we make a great addition to any construction project. Moreover, we can assess these sites for additional services related to energy-efficient lighting and solar panels.

Construction Business Partnerships

ECW is interested in establishing long-standing partnerships with construction businesses. To this end, we enjoy sharing our hard-won electrical expertise with contractors needing assistance with new construction wiring.


ECW provides onsite electricians for our construction business partners. Moreover, we are happy to help with the bidding process as our partners acquire new business. Finally, if you are a construction company interested in discussing project schedules weeks or months in advance, we are glad to oblige.

Private Homeowners

ECW works extensively with private homeowners in the process of building their own houses. For these clients, we are glad to provide new construction wiring assessments in developing functional price points. Similarly, we will work with homeowners in filing all the appropriate building permits as related to electrical work.


Private homeowners are drawn to ECW for new construction wiring because we integrate these electrical projects with both lighting and solar work. As such, we can give these individuals a holistic understanding of all the electrical work required in new construction.


If you are interested in learning more about ECW new construction wiring services, please contact us at