ECW Lighting Maintenance 

Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC customers enjoy the personal approach of our business. For these clients, our warranty and maintenance program provide unparalleled attention to lighting upkeep. To this end, each ECW lighting conversion, retrofit, and new install is backed by a 1-year service warranty through our company. Beyond this window, we are also available to maintain your lighting and related electrical setup for a small fee. As such, if you do business with ECW, you can rest assured that we will maintain your lighting system effectively.


ECW has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to accomplish lighting maintenance tasks both safely and efficiently. Moreover, we can service both indoor and outdoor lighting anytime during the workday and throughout all four seasons. This notion also applies to difficult to reach light fixtures and those lights positioned in dangerous areas.


If you are a property owner having a difficult time with lighting and electrical upkeep, it could be a good idea to have a discussion with the ECW team.

ECW & Manufacturer’s Warranties

All ECW lighting jobs are backed by a 1-year service warranty. Therefore, during this period, we are available to troubleshoot issues free of charge. ECW clients are consistently amazed by our attentiveness and reliability, as we will “go the extra mile” to keep your light system functioning at its best. As a result, many ECW clients continue to work with us on lighting maintenance well beyond our 1-year service warranty.


ECW lighting products are also backed by a 3-5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, if your lights have a mechanical failure during this period, you can get a replacement free of charge. To learn more about the manufacturer’s warranties of our products, please visit the ECW Partner Companies section below.

ECW Extended Maintenance Program

ECW customers see the value in our maintenance program due to our experience with installing and maintaining light fixtures. Even more, certified Master Electricians supervise all ECW jobs. As such, we can safely fix lighting as well as troubleshoot larger electrical issues that could be in play. For reasons such as these, many ECW clients continue to work with us on lighting and electrical jobs well after our 1-year service warranty has expired.


ECW has all the necessary equipment needed to efficiently and safely maintain lighting and electrical systems. To illustrate, whether a job requires a boom lift or safety harness, we have the gear required to get it done. This equipment is part of the offerings in both our 1-year warranty package and extended maintenance program.


If you would like to learn more about the ECW lighting maintenance program, please contact us at