ECW Lighting Conversions  

Since 1989, Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC has made its name through lighting conversions and retrofits. Our lighting conversion services include changing older light technology to more modern, energy-efficient lighting. In the 1990s - 2000s, much of this work was dedicated to retrofitting outdated T12 fluorescent fixtures to more advanced T5 fluorescent technology. In like fashion, ECW converted incandescent, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium fixtures into T5 fluorescent fixtures.


Today, the vast majority of ECW’s conversion business is dedicated to new LED lighting technology. To this end, over the past 10 years, we have converted thousands of outdated light fixtures into new LED lights. Over the years, ECW’s LED conversion initiative has saved our customers thousands of dollars on electrical expenses. These efforts have made us one of Wisconsin’s premier LED conversion companies.


ECW lighting conversion customers report immense savings with the use of LED technology. On average, businesses can expect to recoup these lighting project expenses in just 18 months. After this period, the extra energy saved directly translates into additional profits for these companies. 


As seen with most ECW lighting services, LED conversions are also a vital part of Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program. Due to the sheer amount of lighting conversions that we have completed, Focus on Energy recognizes ECW as a key player in conservation efforts for Southeast Wisconsin.


ECW offers a free lighting assessment where we visit a property to estimate the value of LED conversions. If you are wondering if LED conversions are a good fit for your property, please let us know and we will pay you a visit.

LED Conversion Jobs

Due to our expansive experience with lighting conversions, ECW gets these jobs done both quickly and efficiently. After a contract is in place, our team of electricians will convert your lighting fixtures during your chosen work hours. The goal being, we quickly get you saving money on electrical expenses without interrupting your daily workflow. For some clients, these lighting conversion jobs require that the ECW team works nighttime hours.


Aside from special circumstances, LED conversions generally require very little work regarding new electrical wiring. Therefore, we keep your labor costs low by converting lights within the parameters of the existing electrical structure. These jobs have proven so popular that ECW has completed thousands of lighting conversions throughout the State of Wisconsin.


All ECW lighting conversions are also backed with our warranty / lighting maintenance program. 


If you would like to learn more about ECW lighting conversions, please contact us at