ECW Solar Energy

Energy Consultants of Wisconsin LLC is an industry leader in solar energy technology. With years of experience and training from the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, we have established ourselves as pioneers of green energy in the Midwest. Due to our impact in the Wisconsin renewable energy space, you can find ECW solar panels installed on residential and commercial properties throughout the State. 


Solar energy is also referred to as “photovoltaic energy." It is defined by the solar panel technology that converts sunlight into electricity. Beyond Wisconsin, solar power is part of a fast-growing, global movement dedicated to developing renewable sources of electricity. Along this line of thought, ECW clients enjoy the environmental benefits of this clean and abundant energy source. In like fashion, solar energy has grown increasingly popular because people want relief from rising utility costs. 


For both commercial and residential property owners, ECW solar panels are a very attractive option. For starters, ECW clients often recoup solar project costs in just a few years. After that, every kilowatt of energy savings directly translates into more money saved. Not to mention, our solar projects are financially incentivized by both State and Federal programs, as well as Wisconsin's Focus on Energy platform. Finally, because solar panels have very few moving parts, they have a lifetime of 30-40 years. 


Because we oversee solar power projects from start-to-finish, ECW is considered a full-service solar provider. Moreover, we ensure that our solar arrays run efficiently and are properly integrated into the power grid. ECW solar offerings include:

  • Free Site Assessment
  • Develop Project Goals / Size of Solar Array
  • System Install
  • Integration with Power Grid 
  • Client Education on System Care 
  • 5-Year Service Warranty 

Please note, our 5-year service warranty covers all expenses involved with maintaining your solar array - including site visits and systems training from the ECW team. 

Solar Panel Permitting and Operation

Throughout an ECW solar energy project, we will handle all required city, county, and State permits on behalf of our customers. Moreover, after a solar panel array is installed, we will work with your utility provider to have the system commissioned, allowing you to get money back on your utility bill. Finally, ECW will apply for all applicable Focus on Energy incentives for our solar energy clients.



If you would like to learn more about ECW solar energy services, please contact us at